Our Team

Michael Keefer
MSc, PAg

Michael is the president of Keefer Haz Mat Services and is a well-recognized environmental professional with a range of expertise including contaminated sites, reclamation and environmental assessments. 

Roy Clough
Senior Hygienist 

Roy is a certified hygienist with more than 40 years of experience working with the health and safety of workplaces.  Roy has helped develop and update Codes of Practice for occupational industrial hygiene, developed and presented countless training courses on different occupational hygiene topics, presented seminars on report findings to plant workers, mentored junior hygienists and reviewed industrial hygiene reports.

Richard Hilton
General Manager, Senior Industrial Hygienist 


Richard is a highly qualified and experienced Health, Safety, and Environment professional with a strong track record of establishing and implementing outstanding Health and Safety programs for large, complex organizations with multiple locations and numerous employees. Richard has extensive experience and knowledge with fall protection, confined space, and respirator equipment checks. His background also includes reducing worker exposure to hazardous materials, hazard and risk assessments, and writing exposure control plans. He enjoys teaching various courses such as mobile equipment operations, confined space entry, fall protection, transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), and workplace hazardous material information system (WHMIS).

Richard holds three designations in safety; CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional), NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer), and MSO (Manufacturing Safety Officer - not practicing).  When he isn't working passionately to improve worker health and safety, he can be found outdoors enjoying numerous activities such as skiing, mountain biking, swimming, and camping.

Jessica Lowey
Vice President, Operations
MSc, PAg


Jessica is an environmental and soil scientist with more than 2-years of experience working directly with hazardous materials and occupational hygiene in BC. Jessica is a certified AHERA building inspector (CABI-16-021) and has completed the NIOSH 582 equivalent course in the Analysis of  Asbestos Fibres Utilizing Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). 


Jessica has also completed hundreds of site assessments ranging from pre-disturbance assessments, CSA-standard phase I environmental site assessments and detailed site assessments. 

Colby Katzberg
Environmental Technologist
Dipl. Environ. Tech.

Colby is an environmental engineering technologist with field experience ranging from soil profiling, nuclear compaction testing, asphalt and concrete testing, including compliance with laboratory standards for a variety of testing protocols.


Colby is a certified AHERA building inspector (CABI-19-034) and has valuable knowledge about hazardous building materials and their safe handling and removal. Colby also experienced with confined space entry and the development of safe work procedures.

Nicholas Mayer
Hazardous Materials Consultant

Nicholas is a hazmat consultant with a background in geology and hazardous materials. He has field experience ranging from remote camp geology, including rock soil and water sampling, safety training on barges, helicopters, bush planes and ice road driving, and a wide variety of surveying experience.

Nicholas is a certified AHERA building inspector (CABI-173362) and has experience surveying for and consulting with hazardous materials. Nicholas also has experience working from heights and in confined spaces.