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Our Expertise

Keefer HSE is committed to providing high-quality services and solutions in the areas of HazMat, Safety and Energy. Whether you are in need of compliance training, safety consulting, energy audits, or hazmat services, we have the expertise and experience to provide reliable and dependable services. Our team of certified professionals have extensive knowledge in the areas of hazardous materials, safety, and energy, and we strive to create comprehensive solutions that are tailored to meet our clients' individual needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services and products to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers.

Keefer HSE has extensive experience in the identification and safe handling/removal of hazardous materials including asbestos, lead, PCBs, ODSs and mold. Our team
 also provides expert services for general energy and occupational health and safety audits and management plan development for diverse clients, in addition to offering a variety of training programs related to worker health and safety.

The Keefer team prides itself in its ability to create a safe work environment for homeowners and workers in the presence of hazardous materials.
Hazardous Materials
Indoor Air Quality
Energy Auditing & Assessments

Bulk Sampling​

  • Identification and collection of potential hazardous building materials or other environmental mediums

  • ​Samples collected will be tested by an accredited laboratory using approved CDC and/or EPA procedures

  • Sample turn-around times range from 24-hours to 1 week depending on the client's needs

Hazardous Materials Inventory

  • Provision of site-specific hazardous material inventory report following WorkSafeBC template

  • Identify all confirmed hazardous buildings materials present and their condition​

Risk Assessments

  • Determination and quantification of the risk associated with all confirmed hazardous materials

  • Risk classification completed following WorkSafeBC template, including consideration of condition, friability, concentration of material and presence in air plenum

Asbestos & Lead​

  • Daily air quality monitoring inside and outside of abatement containment to ensure safe work environment 

  • Air clearance monitoring prior to abatement containment tear down to ensure appropriate air quality

  • In house PCM laboratory and NIOSH 582-trained employees 

Mould & Moisture

  • General indoor air quality testing including ventiliation, temperature, humidity, CO2

  • Air sampling for presence of mould in indoor environments 

  • Mould abatement monitoring

  • Samples analysed by accredited laboratory

Homeowner/Builder Energy Auditing

  • Blower door testing to determine air leakage in a building and identify leakage areas for retrofits and new construction.

  • Calculation of an energy efficiency rating: a comparable standardized way to show energy use and loss in a building.

  • Calculate annual GHG emissions. 

  • Development of Energy Efficiency Action Roadmap that includes recommended upgrades that will increase overall efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. 

  • Guidance and recommendations to apply for grants and rebates (including Federal and Provincial). 

  • Pre- and post-energy retrofit assessments for grant applications. 

  • Help clients meet BC Step-Code requirements for new construction.

  • Design stage energy modelling and upgrade recommendations for new construction.

OH&S Services

Health & Safety Plan Development

  • Development and review of new or existing occupational health and safety plans

  • Safe work plans and procedures

  • Ventilation inspections

  • Accident investigation

  • Hazard identification

  • Emergency response planning 

  • Audit services.

Testing & Sales 

Equipment Testing and Sales 

  • Respirator fit-testing following CSA-standard Z94.4-02. Please call us to book! 

  • Respirators available for purchase at time of testing. 

DOP Testing/PAO Testing 

  • In-house DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) testing for HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.  

  • Test the integrity of HEPA filters to ensure that each unit is compliant with WorkSafe BC standards.


Worker Training 

  • Moderate-risk asbestos and lead abatement​​

  • High-risk asbestos and lead abatement

  • Respirator programs and fit-testing

  • Confined space

  • General occupational health and safety training customized to fit your needs.

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